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speaknspence's Journal

Spencer Smith
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Spencer James Smith V

title or description i make no spence

22 | History & Secondary Education Major | Drummer Extraordinaire | Vegas Born | Certified Sassypants | Hates Ryam Roos (with a passion)

http://corkboard.me/9jX8XEoi6y <---Spencer's too lazy to link it properly.

[relax, it's just rp.]
:*, abandoned towns, aliens, arizona, baken, banana socks, banganating, beard lights, beards, bears, beer pong, beers, blood, captain crunch, chicken, children, chimichanga, cookies, crackers, creeks in hotel rooms, crunch wrap supreme, cuddles, dailygrace, dancing, dapper as fuq, del taco, dickey rides, dogs, double stuff burrito, falling asleep in chatrooms, five layer burrito, forsynthia, ghost adventures, ghost hunting, ghosts, ginger, ginger is a milf, going to london, hamsters, hugs, hugs not drugs, i love jess, i love katy, i may be baah, jeff, jess is a girl, jess is mexican, jess typos, jess vajazzling, jess' cooking, jessiam hung, jessimus prime, jesslovesginger, jim, katy, katy loves me, kissing, lynch her, making patrick uncomfortable, marie bowen, matthew, mk, monaters, my friends, nanana come home, not likely likely, not wearing pants, o|, patrick throws hamsters, raging, rickey martin, rope beards, ryam roos, ryan is my dad, samuel l jackson, saving worms for jess, shielding kisses, sleeping, spoons, taco bell, tacos, teetz, the jess rusrs face, third eye blind, third eye blind tattoos, tornadoes, truckstops, underwear dance parties, vegas, vlogging, vlogging with darern, we are family, welcome to mexico, wooing patrick, you're in trouble, zombies